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Rice and Shrimp

Off The ​Hook Crabs & Fish

Fresh Seafood & Soul Food

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Home of the Ultimate Seafood Dishes

Off the Hook Crabs & Fish brings you a superb flare for excellence. We offer you a unique takeout experience offering the freshest quality ingredients to have your taste buds OFF THE HOOK !!!!!


Crab Boil

14-C Crab Boil 2- 5/8 OR ONE Huge 12up Size Snow Crab Clusters, 4 Baby Red


Super-Colossal Jumbo Shrimp

13-D Super-Colossal Jumbo Shrimp (4 Huge) w/ 2 Sides


Honey Garlic Lamb Chop

8-C “Holy Lamb” Grilled Honey Garlic (3) w/ 2 Sides (Add Lamb chops $10 Each)


Fish & Grits

4-B Fish & Grits 2-Pc Whiting Filet Served Over Creamy Grits & Crazy Cajun Sauce


Fried Leg Quarter

3-C Fried Leg Quarter With 2 Sides


Skrimp & Grits

4-A Skrimp & Grits 8 Jumbo Shrimp Served Over Creamy Grits & Crazy Cajun Sauce


Butter Me Up Fried Cajun Salmon

10-C Butter Me Up Fried Cajun Salmon w/ 2 Sides


Cajun Fried Lobster

12-C Cajun Fried Lobster With 2 Sides

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